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How to Clean Ceramics Greenware
This is something you'll want to do carefully. Once the piece is fired, there's no going back.  Carefully select your greenware. Cradle or support as much of the piece as possible with both hands. Handle the fragile greenware as carefully as possible.
Collect your tools. You'll need a Cleaning Tool, a Texture Tool, a Duster Brush, Greenware File, a spoolie, a bowl of water with a few drops of vinegar in the water and a Sponge

Be sure that the greenware is completely dry.  Sand the mold seams using a greenware file, grit sander or rubber scrubber in a circular motion to remove the seam line.
Use a texture tool to fix spots where the texture has been removed during cleaning.  
Use a spoolie to clean small holes.

Replace any detail removed in the preparation.

Check for pinholes and other imperfections. If you find a pinhole, use the blade or scoop end of the cleaning tool to open up the pinhole as far as necessary. Wet the area and then add Fix-All to overfill the hole to allow for shrinkage during firing. Keep moist and remove excess by sponging down.

Hold the piece upside down and to the light and check the cleaning. If you can still feel or see the seam line, begin the process all over again.

Lightly sponge the ware to remove dust and imperfections.

You are now ready for decorating. Be sure to mark your initials on the bottom of the piece!

The cleaning tool has two ends. The sharp, triangular end is best for cleaning curved edges and flat surfaces. The round end is best for grooves and areas with lots of detail. 
There are many different kinds of texture tools. Two good, all-purpose ones to have are a stylus and a texture tool. 
Cleaning Tool
Sanders Greenware Files
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How to Clean Ceramics Greenware
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