This page was last updated: October 13, 2016
Rubber Scrubber Pads $2.00 Each

This 100 Grit rubber sander is great for smoothing ceramics, porcelain china, etc. Flexible sponge rubber is fused to an abrasive sheet. Can be used wet or dry. Measures
3" x 3" and approximately 1/2" thick.

Clean Up Sticks
$1.00 Each
Only 5"L x 1/8"W.
120/200 and 280/400 grit

PGK OF 12- $9.60
Ceramic File $3.00 Each

Non-clogging. Can be used wet or dry. 7"L x 3/4"W with 120 & 200 grit.
Oval Sanding Pads    $2.75
Double-sided stiff pads. Use on ceramic or porcelain greenware, wood or other surfaces. Abrasives won't flake off.  Washable & durable.   2" x 3" ovals.
Greenware Files
Greenware File  5.75" $3.00
Greenware File  7" $3.00
Grizzly Abrasive Pad $3.00

Reusable alumin oxide abrasive filn with a firm foam core.  One side fine, other side coarse.


A.        LARGE CLEANING TOOL     $1.65
B.        SMALL CLEANING TOOL     $1.55
C.        SGRAFFITO TOOL                  $2.50
D.         D-5 LG STYLUS                      $2.20
E.        DOUBLE SPIRAL                    $6.00
F.          D-15 SM STYLUS                  $2.20

Nylon Cleaning Pads. Pliable pads for cleaning greenware, etc. Non-rusting,
reusable. Works wet or dry. Green Coarse Pads contain a mixture of silicone & aluminum.
3" x 3"  $.75
6" x 9" $4.00
Bev's Ceramics, Inc.
SM  $2.50
MED $3.00
LG $3.75
Foam Cleaners
for Hard-to-Reach Places
Use to remove mold lines
& other blemishes on
Greenware, Plaster &
similar materials.
Use wet or dry.
Measure 8-1/4" overall.
Sanding Block   $2.50
Can be used for many hobby
applications, including cleaning
greenware. 3-3/4"L x 1" sq.
File  $3.00
Flexible Cushion
2 Abrasive Sides
100 & 180 Grit
Coarse / Medium
7"L x 3/4"W x 7/16"
10 SPONGES  $5.00
10 SPONGES  $2.00
25 SPONGES  $2.50